History Makers: Kingdom Academic School of Excellence (KASE) specializes in academic excellence in biblical studies, where ministry and the marketplace merge to produce 21st-century leadership. We are the first school to offer degrees in Liturgical Dance and Arts & Culture for praise and worship leaders worldwide. We have equipped over 3,000 worship leaders worldwide, so that you can posture yourself for higher learning.


Our vision is to produce world-class worship and arts leaders that are foundational in scripture and accurate in the spirit realm.


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A Word From Our Founder

Ministry License & Ordinations

The Ministry License & Ordination program is designed Sanction and Affirm the serious Worship & Arts Minister who has been Called to lead worship and also providing the credentials needed for full-time employment

Associate's Degree

The Associate program is filled with dynamic teachers such as John Bevere, Bill Winston and Joyce Meyer and more. This program is perfect for any church starting a school.

Bachelor's Degree

After the completion of the “Associates Degree,” now it’s time for the Bachelor’s. You can also start the Bachelors course work without an associate’s. This coursework study is filled with topics such as Ministry, Maturity, Apologetics, +9 more modules.

Master's Degree

For students seeking to excel to the highest levels of scholarship. This Master’s program gives more in-depth teaching and study. Students will be able to learn more topics and dive deeper into the material. Students are required to write book reports and thesis in order to obtain this award.

World-Class Faculty

Our school is being led by some of top leaders in ministry. Take a look below at our world-reknowned faculty:

Dr. Sabrina McKenzie

Marylin Hickey

Joyce Meyer

Dr. Bill Winston

John Bevere

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A Word From One Of Our Professors

All Courses

Interested in our other courses? Scroll down below to see what else KASE has to offer.

Level 1: Issachar Anointing Understanding The Times & The Seasons

In Level 1 you will learn the basic fundamentals of worship from a biblical perspective.

Level 2: Five Fold Ministry Essentials

In Level 2 you will learn the definition and description of the five fold ministry offices and how to activate those gifts.

Level 3: Office of a Prophet

In Level 3, you will learn the difference between the prophetic gift and the office of the prophet.

Level 4: The Sacred/Government of God

In Level 4, you will learn how David exercised his right as king and priest.

Level 5: Leadership

In Level 5, you will learn to sharpen your leadership ability by identifying your leadership skills and activating those skills in others.

Level 6: The Heart of Worship

In Level 6, you will learn from world-renowned praise and worship leaders how to activate the heart of worship through song.


  • Can I take more than one major simultaneously ?

    Yes, you can register for more than one major or course.

  • Do you have to be in a certain state to attend?

    No. SMM Worship Institute is completely online.

  • When will I receive materials for class?

    The entire process has been streamlined and made user-friendly just for you. Once you register, you will receive an email regarding the next steps.

  • I’m in a different country, what will the timeline be for class attendance ?

    There are a few scheduled class days that you will have to be present for class. However most classes have been pre-recorded for you to watch the videos based on your schedule. Once you take your online quizzes and complete your assignments, then you will be given a grade per course outline.

  • What types of certifications and degrees are available to me?

    There are several programs available that may also include an area of concentration such as a focus on:

    The 5 Fold Ministry, Worship, Pageantry Mime or Marketplace, Technology, Finance, Administration

    SMM Worship & Arts Ministry Licensing & Ordinations Associates Of Ministry Bachelors Of Ministry Masters Of Ministry

    Certified Dancing Preachers Certified SMM Wealth Building Educators

  • How can I select my major?

    The degree and Ministry Licensing programs have specialty disciplines or majors. Once you have registered for your course, you will be able to choose an area of discipline that you want to specialize in: worship, pagentry, technology, or administration. Please go to the course page for more information.

  • When will we graduate?

    Each degree or certification program has an expected graduation date depending on the semester you started. For all graduates that have been cleared, the graduation ceremony will take at Dancing Preachers International Conference.

  • How do I know if I passed?

    You must score a 75 or higher on all test and papers to receive a passing grade. Attendance is Important. You can only miss 2 classes per semester.

  • How can I make a complete payment for the courses?

    The completed registration process includes your payments. Please note that there are no refunds at any time for any reason.

  • How do I begin class?

    Once your registration has been completed you will receive a welcome email giving you portal Access.

  • What day does classes begin?

    We are set up by two semesters: First Semester January 14, 2022 Second Semester September 5, 2022

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